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RECORDING REQUESTED BY: <br /> CITY OF VISTA <br /> WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO: <br /> CITY OF VISTA <br /> 200 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE <br /> VISTA, CA 92084-6275 <br /> ATTN: CITY CLERK <br /> Fee Exempt: Government Code Section 27383 <br /> APN: <br /> AMENDED AND RESTATED <br /> MOBILEHOME PARK ACCORD <br /> AND DECLARATION OF RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS <br /> THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED MOBILEHOME PARK ACCORD AND DECLARATION OF <br /> RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS (the "Accord") is entered into as of January 1, 2016 ("Effective Date") by and <br /> among the CITY OF VISTA (the "City"), a California chartered municipal corporation, and the owners <br /> ("Owners") of the mobilehome parks ("Parks") identified on Exhibit A. Each individual Owner of a Park will <br /> execute an identical version of the Accord. This copy of the Accord is executed by the Owner of that Park <br /> commonly known as: <br /> [name of mobilehome park] <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. Effective January 1, 1996, the owners ("Original Owners") of certain mobilehome parks located <br /> in Vista ("Original Parks") and the City executed a Mobilehome Park Accord and Declaration of Restrictive <br /> Covenants with a term running through December 31, 2015 ("Original Accord"). <br /> B. The Original Accord was negotiated, in part, because various homeowners leasing spaces in <br /> the Original Parks had requested the assistance of the City in establishing limits on rent increases for the <br /> mobilehome spaces in the Original Parks. <br /> C. Representatives of the Original Owners, the homeowners, and the City agreed to terms for the <br /> Original Accord which: (1) were intended to operate as an alternative to a rent control ordinance; and (2) would <br /> avoid excessive rent increases for the spaces in the Original Parks. <br /> D. Recently, representatives for homeowners and certain park owners approached the City <br /> requesting that an extension of the Original Accord be negotiated with certain modifications acceptable to the <br /> Owners and the homeowners residing in the participating Parks listed in Exhibit A. This Accord is to be <br /> executed by the City and the Owners, shall apply to the Parks, and shall set terms and conditions of rental <br /> agreements for all spaces within the Parks during the term of this Accord. <br /> E. The City and Owners intend that the Original Accord will continue to govern the Original Parks <br /> and the rights of homeowners in those parks (who are third party beneficiaries) through the expiration of the <br /> Original Accord on December 31, 2015. It is intended, that this Accord shall govern the Parks and the rights of <br /> homeowners in those Parks (who are third party beneficiaries) from January 1, 2016 through December 31, <br /> 2035, and provide protections and benefits to the homeowners of those parks who are third party beneficiaries. <br /> The real property comprising the above-named Park is set forth in Exhibit E and this Accord shall be recorded <br /> against that real property. <br />